Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

  • For up to date COVID protocols, please refer to the bottom of the ABOUT page on this website

Do you accept tips?

  • Prices are set at fair market rates for therapeutic services. Tips are not expected and are up to your discretion. *Please note that tips are not reimbursable by your insurance company

Do you take insurance?

  • We cannot take insurance directly. However, we can sign the insurance forms for you to send to your insurance company to request reimbursement. Experience in the field has been that if a client is using personal injury protection or has a prescription they have always been reimbursed. However, insurance depends on many factors (that may ultimately a question for your insurance company.)

  • I can directly take FSA and HSA cards

DO I NEED TO TAKE OFF CLOTHES or change clothes?

  • NO, in a CranioSacral Therapy session, your clothes are to remain on.

  • Often clients wear comfortable clothing for their sessions that do not require belts or other constricting attachments

  • If you have any requests or boundaries of comfort please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.

*Please note that it is a legal requirement in the state of Texas that you either be clothed or be mostly covered by the sheets and blankets on my table. Genitals are never to be uncovered or touched. Breasts are only uncovered or treated by request in order to help treat certain medical conditions and that requires an additional release form

Is CranioSacral Therapy like massage?

  • This question comes up a lot. While CranioSacral is a hands on modality like massage, a massage will focus only on external soft tissue (muscles, and tendons). Whereas CST works with your Central Nervous System (CNS). Therefore it is a modality that can enact much deeper and lasting change throughout the body, affecting any structures within.

  • Additionally, this modality is performed on a completely clothes client.

Who can receive CranioSacral Therapy?

  • CST can benefit almost everyone of any age 0-100+. There are a few conditions, however, CranioSacral therapy may not be appropriate for and you’ll need to talk with your CST practitioner and/or physician.

Your session will need to be postponed if you have experienced any of the following and have NOT been released for treatment by your physician:

  • Recent Concussion

  • Blood Clots

  • Recent Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Recent Brain Aneurysm

CranioSacral Therapy may not be right for you if you have:

  • Cerebral Swelling

  • Structural defects in the cerebellum such as Arnold-Chiari malformation

  • Any disorder that causes an increase amount of intercranial pressure or fluid buildup

Will CranioSacral Therapy help with _______?

  • CST is a broad spectrum modality and can treat and relieve symptoms of many illnesses and conditions. Most likely CST can assist with your overall function. If you a have a specific question about an illness or condition, please do not hesitate to ask your therapist.

*CranioSacral assessment and treatment is not meant to be a replacement for diagnosis and conventional treatment of any serious condition but it is excellent as a complementary therapy or as an additional non-surgical treatment option.